Privacy policy


  1. Security of Viewers underneath 13 Years of Age:

The site isn’t intended to attract the viewers underneath 13 years and in this way the organization does not mean to keep information of the viewers beneath the predefined age. We will discard the data when we locate any such sort of data.

  1. Cookies and IP Tracking Policy:

The website likewise stores information other than the substance which gives data on individual character as IP and cookies. It is from this time forward goes under the classification of non-individual identifiable information which additionally incorporates look history, inquiries submitted, educational interests, date and time, domain, promotion reaction or advertisement response. The site can likewise utilize a conversion pixel (a 1px. X 1px. picture) to track the viewers conduct on our leads accumulation form as it is an unblemished piece of our Business.

  1. Data Collected by the Website:

The site likewise gathers and stores the information presented by clients. As we enable clients to ask for information from instructive establishments recorded on the site, so we share the information to particular organizations to satisfy the demand and the security of such sort of information is under the common understanding amongst foundations and viewers. Methods for information gathering on Parikshadarpan are:

  • Contact Forms: The contact frames on the site are made to disentangle the procedure of information presentation by gathering the viewer’s interests, educational qualification, and age.

  • Login/Sign up: By making a users account visitor concurs the terms & conditions of the site and we can utilize the information gathered through our channel in the analysis of patterns and can likewise be sent to the educational service providers relying on the utilization history. Viewer’s likewise consenting to get SMS and Emails containing the data of the school and course he/she applies in and furthermore of related universities and courses.

  • Testimonials: The clients giving testimonials are qualified for public display and can likewise be imparted to our customers.

  • Forums: Views posted on forums and our remark or comment areas are the sole property of as it gives a significant understanding of customer’s point of view.

  1. Opt-in Mails and Other approaches to Use information by the Company

The organization can utilize information gathered through the site in different ways

  • Opt-in Mails: Company sends customized emails to the viewers settling on newsletters or notice on the admission process and entrance tests. Viewers can whenever withdraw from the service.

  • Feedbacks: The Company may contact its guests or viewers for feedback on any new feature or services. If not intrigued or interested, viewers can drop a mail on

  • Topographical Data: we utilize land or demographical information to provide location wise customized data.

  • Cookies and IP information are utilized to give the most pertinent outcomes through a pursuit